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Saving the Date

Updated: Jan 8, 2023

To Save or not to Save?

Are you unsure whether Save the Dates are worth the extra cost and planning?

Read on to find out if Saving the Date is for you.


Dusty Blue and Navy Blue Save the Date Cards with golf foil and stripy envelope liner
Kimberley Save the Dates in Dusty Blue

Telling your guests to Save the Date is always a good idea. It is especially helpful to send out notice in advance for Summer and Winter weddings since many people book holidays or plan festive events at this time of year. You'll also have some extra time to plan your wedding without having to worry about leaving it too late for your guests or suppliers. If you're having a small, intimate affair, you can definitely get away with skipping straight to the formal invitation. As long as you give your guests enough notice, and as long as you have the important details set in stone.

What should be on a Save the Date card? Save the Dates are normally sent out around a year in advance. They should feature the date of the wedding and the city/country where the wedding will be held. Most couples will have booked their venue before sending these out, so featuring the venue on these can be helpful for guests who may need to travel. You don't need to add any additional information. Keeping these simple is key, as you will add the finer details to your official invitations or perhaps a wedding website. Again, this gives you more time to get this set up before sending the link to your guests.

From a design point-of-view, Save the Dates are the perfect way to experiment with your wedding theme, fonts and colours. Generally, you want all your stationery to match. However, as Save the Dates are a much less formal announcement, you can make changes if you're not completely happy with the way things turn out. Think of them as the "test" version of your official invitations!

Modern Save the Date Wedding Stationery cards with burgundy deep red flowers and bold font. Carmine Red envelopes with a dusty pink wax seal, and white envelope calligraphy. Pictured with pink peonies and dried baby's breath.
Modern Romance Save the Dates in Carmine Red

Another helpful tip is to be as clear as possible about who is invited! Being upfront about this on the envelope gives families with uninvited children enough time to plan for child care, and out-of-town guests enough time to work out travel arrangements and hotel bookings. Most people won't arrange these things until the official invitations are sent, but it's still a smart idea to give a heads-up and it's your best possible chance of your guests being able to make it.

Should evening guests get a Save the Date?

When it comes to evening guests, a question we get a lot is "Should we send Save the Dates to reception guests?" - The answer is no! These invitations could lead evening guests to believe they have been invited to the ceremony and wedding breakfast. Keep your Save the Dates for your all-day guests only, and consider mailing your evening invitations around six months in advance. Arranging to have the evening free is much easier than arranging to have a whole day or weekend free, so generally evening guests won't need as much notice.

Elegant gold foiled Save the Date Wedding Stationery Card on Ivory. With a blush pink envelope, marble envelope liner and blush pink silk ribbon.
Elegant Save the Dates in Blush & Gold

Are they worth the extra cost?

Budgeting is another thing to keep in mind when sending Save the Dates. Most people consider Save the Dates as a way of buying extra time to organise everything but also making sure their guests have plenty of notice. Of course, these additional pieces of paper, envelopes and stamps will add to your overall costs. Consider delivering these by hand to your local guests to save money on postage, or keeping things really simple (i.e. skipping the fancy wax seals and envelope liners)! If you feel like skipping them altogether, make sure you've got all your details set in stone before sending out the official invites. You don't want to end up calling/emailing/texting a giant list of people to alert them to any changes!

Charlotte Save the Date Wedding Stationery cards on hammered texture card with bold font and watercolour watercolor white roses and peonies. With a sage green envelope and dark green wax seal. Pictured with white silk ribbon and botanical elements.
Charlotte Save the Date in Ivory and Sage

Hopefully, we've shed some light on whether or not Save the Dates should be an essential part of your stationery. If you're still unsure or would like some help calculating the costs of having custom Save the Dates made, feel free to get in touch for a personalised quote.


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